At the outset I thank the Almighty lord for all his blessings, support and strength showered on us. This was the driving force which helped us serve you. We also thank each one of you for all the support extended to us during this academic year. The highlight of this year was the completion of our school building with all the latest facilities and updated curriculum as per global standards.
Principal Desk
Mrs. Pramila Rajesh
          It is a reality that in the overall development of any student, there are five entities that play a very important role. These entities should work together to ensure that the students meet their desired goals. These entitles are:
Lord Almighty
          The blessing of the almighty lord isThe blessing of the Almighty lord is very important to ensure that our students take the correct path. To seek the Almighty lord’s blessings, we dutifully start everyday with the prayer. This brings a sense of spirituality within every student
          Parents :- Commitment from parents towards their children is very critical in the child’s development. There should be dedicated commitment from parents to ensure that they spend some time with their child every day and understand the child’s needs and help them complete their daily tasks. We regularly have the PTM meetings every month, so that the parents can interact with the class teachers to understand their child involvement at school with respect to curricular and non-curricular activities.
          Feel free to reach out to us any time in case of any concern. We are always available to hear from you. Your suggestions are valuable to us. Our mission is complete only when you are 100% satisfied with our services.
Thank you again for your wonderful support and trust enforced on us.

God bless!!
          Teachers:-or Guru’s are considered next to God. Teachers play a very important role in shaping the students future. Our teachers consider every student as their own child and believe in love, care and warmth as the means to ensure that all students  feel that they are special in their own ways.
          Student:- Every student is special and significant. We provide the essential platform and drive the students to present their 100% in all what they do. We ensure that our students are independent and self motivated to face the dynamic and challenging world ahead of them.
          Management :- We understands that our role in this situation is that of a facilitator. Understanding the needs of today’s challenging and dynamic environment; we make sure we are professionally geared up to provide justice to our students and the basic foundation is firm.We challenge the young minds to ensure that they utilize their capabilities to the fullest. Our presence is always available to ensure that things are been executed as planned. Even we consider worthy in providing an extended hand for the differently baled students.
          I leave the above thought for you to think and act accordingly. We ensure to uphold our commitments and keep up to all your expectations. Our aim has been to deliver more than your expectations.
Oxford English School Est.1979
At Srinivaspur, Kogilu Road, Bangalore North
Oxford English School Est.1979
At Srinivaspur, Kogilu Road, Bangalore North
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