1.Registration form for admission into LKG/Euro Junior will be issued in February.

2.Children below 3 years 9 months are not admitted into LKG/Euro Junior.

3.Every candidate for admission must be introduced to the Principal in person.

4.The Selection Committee reserves the right to select or refuse the admission.

5.Children who seek admission should submit the following:
a) Duplicate copy of Birth Certificate.
b) 3 stamp size photo(Recent).
c) Candidates seeking admissions for higher classes will be tested and admitted into the class for which they are found fit (if seats are available).
If the parents want to withdraw their child from school for any reason a month's notice in writing must be given to the Principal.

Notice of leaving the school must be given before the beginning of the summer holidays (March).

The new destination must be mentioned in the application. No Transfer Certificate will be issued till the school dues are paid.
Admissions And Withdrawal
Registration for admission to LKG/Euro Junior is generally done in the month of January. Twenty percent of the admissions in this institution are generally reserved for economically backward classes.

Admission to all the other classes will be done in June as per the availability of seats and on merit basis.

For the information of the public a vacancy list will be displayed during the last week of April or first week of May.

Special consideration will be given to the talented students in Games, Cultural and Literary Activities.

Recommendation is not entertained. The school does not collect any donation for admissions.
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